How to be Concussed Series

with Timothy Giles

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How to be Concussed Series - 6 podcast series

A tool to support you as you work through the journey of dealing with life after a concussion.

Through a series of relaxed and intimate conversations, Timothy Giles shares his deep insights and personal experiences of living with concussion. Everyone’s journey through concussion is unique but those living with concussion have much in common. Timothy’s conversations help explain the day-to-day frustrations and difficulties faced by those who have suffered a concussion and provide practical suggestions to make life easier for them, their families, friends and carers.

Trainer, facilitator, broadcaster, Timothy Giles experienced two traumatic brain injuries, which, he says, added interesting and sometimes challenging elements to his life.

A recent third, but milder concussion, made him realise he could help others by sharing his insights and experiences as he lives through them and finds ways to overcome challenges. So if you are living with a concussion, or supporting someone who is, find a quiet spot, relax and listen. There is help, hope and support.

These podcast conversations are created for you to feel like you are having a private conversation with Timothy in the privacy of your own space, to hear messages that you need to hear in order to help unravel the experiences you are dealing with and a sense of knowing that you are not alone.

They are designed to be a powerful tool to support individuals, supporters, carers, family, whānau, friends and work colleagues to understand the effects of concussion on your life and offer a deep insight into the day-to-day issues facing anyone dealing with the side effects of concussion.

How to be Concussed Series - Podcast Episode 1 (Introduction)

A tool to support you as you work through the journey of dealing with life after a concussion.

How to be Concussed Series - Podcast Episode 2 (Rest) 

How hard can it be to rest? Well, very hard if you are living with concussion. Timothy Giles explains why in his conversation about rest and the need to rest when living with concussion. If you are struggling getting things done or feeling bad because you can’t manage the things you used to do, this podcast gives you some tips and insights that will cheer you up and calm you down.


How to be Concussed Series - Podcast Episode 3 (Help) 

Are you living with a concussion, when your brain doesn’t quite recognise it’s not well, even though you have a headache, feel tired or have mood swings? In this conversation, Timothy Giles acknowledges that while he is sometimes in denial when it comes to getting help, he can recognise the signs his body gives that say, “You need help.” He describes his experience of the help he has received and where you can go for help.

How to be Concussed Series - Podcast Episode 4 (Work)

Timothy Giles invites Yves Simard to join him in in a conversation about what concussion means in a work relationship. Yves tells it how it is. The insights from both Yves and Timothy help us see why so many relationships fail for people living with concussion. Yves’ summary of how to keep a good relationship going is an important message for us all.

How to be Concussed Series - Podcast Episode 5 (Behaviours)

The effects a concussion can be life changing. So what can you do to make life better? In this conversation, Timothy Giles does not hold back when he describes some of the behaviours he displays as a result of living with a concussion. He is aware of what can bring on things like fatigue, headaches, a lack of motivation, and he explains how he manages difficult situations, including putting in boundaries.

How to be Concussed Series - Podcast Episode 6 (Hope)

When your brain says ‘no’ and you are struggling to find hope, what can you do? Timothy Giles has been there and in this moving conversation he explores the ways his concussion has changed his life and has at times plunged him into despair. He outlines what he does to nurture hope and bring it back into his life.



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