Brain injury is a 'hidden' disability and there's a lot of misunderstanding about its nature & consequences.

Education, awareness and understanding about brain injury Auckland NZPromoting awareness and understanding

We look to promote awareness and understanding about brain injury in the community by:

  • Making presentations to a range of family or community groups.
  • Contributing to working parties and focus groups with research and government agencies.
  • Supporting university and community expos such as the University of Auckland 'Brain Day' usually held during International Brain Week (usually in March each year).

How to be Concussed Series - 6 podcast series

A tool to support you as you work through the journey of dealing with life after a concussion.

Through a series of relaxed and intimate conversations, Timothy Giles shares his deep insights and personal experiences of living with concussion. The conversations help explain the day-to-day frustrations and difficulties faced by those who have suffered a concussion and provide practical suggestions to make life easier for them, their families, friends and carers.