Enabling better futures through education

Education, awareness and understanding about brain injury Auckland NZPromoting awareness and understanding about brain injury in the community through education by:

  • in person presentations to family, whānau.
  • in person presentations to community groups.
  • working with organisations and other agencies to develop their education packages.
  • sharing news about research developments.
  • creating and sharing online resources.

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Research Updates

A place to find out about the latest research projects and findings around brain injury, with links to read more and hear from the experts in the area of Brain Injury research.

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How to be Concussed Podcast Series 

Through a series of relaxed and intimate conversations, Timothy Giles shares his deep insights and personal experiences of living with concussion. The conversations help explain the day-to-day frustrations and difficulties faced by those who have suffered a concussion and provide practical suggestions to make life easier for them, their families, friends and carers.

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Lived Experience Education Series 

Through a series of videos, people living with a range of brain injury conditions share their experiences and offer tips and ideas on living a fulfilling life. The videos cover a range of day-to-day ideas and provide practical suggestions for them, their whānau, friends and carers.

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