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  • 9 March 2017


BrainLine is a national multimedia project offering authoritative information and support to anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury or PTSD: people with brain injuries, their family and friends, and the professionals who work with them.A brilliant website for good quality information, education and inspirational stories.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the function of the brain. Each year there are a reported 1.7 million brain injuries in the United States, and an estimated 5.3 million Americans — about 2 percent of the U.S. population — currently have a long-term or lifelong need for help with everyday activities due to TBI. Most brain injuries are mild and are also known as concussions. Usually people recover from a concussion in a matter of weeks but sometimes symptoms can persist., a free educational website, provides authoritative information about brain injury symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. For people living with a brain injury, their families, and professionals in the field, BrainLine also offers an online community of support through our social networking sites.

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