Headway Brain Injury Auckland Catch Up for March 2017

  • 2 March 2017

Kia ora, Bore da pawb, good morning everybody, 1 March long has been established as St Davids Day Patron Saint of Wales. But March is also now well established as Brain Injury month in the USA and Ill quote them on their theme for 2017: Not Alone.

"The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) leads the nation in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month by conducting an awareness campaign in March each year. The theme for the 2015 to 2017 campaign is: Not Alone. The Not Alone campaign provides a platform for educating the general public about the incidence of brain injury and the needs of people with brain injuries and their families. The campaign also lends itself to outreach within the brain injury community to de-stigmatize the injury, empower those who have survived, and promote the many types of support that are available."  http://www.biausa.org/brain-injury-awareness-month.htm

Now thats a universal sentiment, very well expressed. Here in Auckland we have the Brain Day at Auckland University on 25 March 2017. This year it is back at the Owen Glenn Centre. An interesting day, not primarily on brain injury but covers developments/health/issues on many things neurological. Always a varied range of presentations and good coffee and food for those in need of a boost.

For detail see  https://www.fmhs.auckland.ac.nz/en/faculty/cbr/news-and-events/events/brain-day-2017--research-on-the-brain.html

Personally I would like to see a future Brain Day, perhaps next year, that has a special focus on Acquired Brain Injury.  After all the incidence of brain injury in our community is greater than all of neurological diseases or conditions put together.

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